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Welcome to my Blog

Published 03-12-2020
I will write every Friday to update you on the goings on of my creative world. Thank you for joining me this week.

First up is Grayson’s Art Club. For those who don’t know, Grayson’s Art Club will be showing on Channel Four tomorrow night at 8pm.

A brief history of what happened here.

During the beginning on Lockdown, thank God Grayson and Philippa Perry came to our rescue. Grayson Perry’s Art Club examined mainly through the public’s eyes how art had helped them through lockdown. Each week viewers were asked to submit their artwork based on each weekly theme. Each week Grayson would choose three artworks which he liked to contribute to an artclub exhibition.

I entered the last two weeks. I can honestly say that when I saw Grayson Perry talking about my artwork on his programme I screamed so loudly in shock I am surprised that the neighbours didn’t come and check on us. The theme was Home and my artwork was a portrait of our two elderly neighbours, Cathy and John (who we adore). I won’t say anymore except that this is what I wrote and which is now framed up, next to my artwork with a picture of them holding up the finished picture before it was picked up to go to Manchester Art Gallery.

Covid may have delayed the opening of the exhibition but it will not stop us three at home having our own party at home tomorrow night.  

Thank you for watching/reading. Party pictures next week and more about the exhibition.

Fag On

My husband uses this term which I find so amusing and one which was written for our neighbour Cathy. Cathy is very sociable and loves her cigarettes. When their door is opens you can guarantee that you are hit with a wall of smoke. Cathy is registered blind, John is ninety five and they have been married for fifty nine years. They are a formidable team and have inadvertently have become part of our extended family since lockdown. During Lockdown we could see that they were struggling not being able to hug family and were missing their daily walks to the local garden centre. Willow my stepdaughter decided to cook a meal for them once a week to cheer them up. I am studying my MA in Illustration and my tutor had challenged me to draw every day and from life which was challenging during lockdown as we couldn’t go out. On this particular day Willow cooked them bangers and mash. The look of joy on their faces at being handed these meals evoked such a powerful warm feeling. I wanted to hold, to record and to be able to communicate that feeling in this portrait. I also wanted to communicate the power of human contact in difficult times.