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Hi folks,

I have been missing in action for quite some time now. It has been a busy time but a great busy time. I have acquired another two hundred and eight sales in my Etsy Shop in just one year and I am over the moon with your purchases and great reviews. Thank you! Every order received guarantees a little dance in our kitchen/workroom. Yes, I do work from our kitchen table, isn’t that the bedrock of most businesses? this dancing space will be expanding soon which I cannot wait for. In February I will be granted a larger space with more shelving which means that I do not break anymore sewing machine tension rods for piling paperwork onto of them.  Another update is that my book, Fashion Hacks has done well enough in the eco/sewing charts that I have received my very first royalties. Receiving the notification for this made me feel very grown up and a real life bonafide author. Thank you Cico publishing for the opportunity to write this book.

Very sadly, like all good things, the Grayson Perry ArtClub Exhibition had to come to an end at the end of October. I adored having this opportunity to exhibit in Manchester Art Gallery and to share my artwork within such a prolific exhibition. I hope that everyone who came to the exhibition could relate to it in some way. Our neighbours, Cath and John are doing very well thank you and we still continue to make them the odd meal. The picture is safely back at home and I am planning on putting it up in our living room very soon. pics to follow.

My aim is to make people smile with my artwork. I need to stay positive and to keep on creating.

I hope that you all are safe and well and that you get to enjoy this season the best way you can.

I will be back within the next week.

Merry Christmas!